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Retainers Specialist

Reginald A. Griggs, DDS -  - Orthodontist

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Reginald A. Griggs, DDS

Orthodontist located in Castro Valley, CA

A retainer is key to maintaining your new, beautiful smile following orthodontic work. Dr. Reginald Griggs is an experienced dentist in Castro Valley, California, who’s been helping Castro Valley smile since his 1985 graduation from UCLA. Dr. Griggs and his team treat everyone they help like family because they truly care about your smile. Take the first step towards getting the perfect smile by calling the office to schedule your appointment today, or scheduling online.

Retainers Q & A

Why do I need a retainer?

A retainer is used to keep your teeth in position following an orthopedic treatment, such as after the removal of braces. Dr. Griggs and the team want to ensure you maintain your smile, and will use retainers to keep teeth in place while they attach more fully to the jaw.

What type of retainers will I have?

Dr. Griggs and the team use two types of retainers regularly: Hawley retainers and Tru-tain retainers.

Hawley retainers

Hawley retainers are worn to help maintain your beautiful smile once your braces come off. Made of wire and acrylic, these retainers can be adjusted as your teeth start to settle in following the removal of braces.

Tru-tain retainers

Tru-tain retainers are clear plastic retainers that completely cover the teeth. Like the Hawley retainer, Tru-tains help keep your teeth in place following an orthodontic treatment. However, they’re designed to fit over your teeth and are typically not able to be seen.

No matter which retainer you use, you may experience difficulty speaking. If you’re self-conscious about talking with a retainer in, you may find practicing speaking — or even singing — for a few days helps you adjust.

Do I wear my retainer all the time?

Usually. Though both Hawley and Tru-tain retainers are designed for long-term wear, you need to take them out during certain activities. For example, you shouldn’t wear your retainer while:

  • Eating a meal
  • Taking a swim
  • Playing sports

Dr. Griggs and the team discuss how long you should wear your retainer, including when you should take it out.

How do I care for my retainer?

Retainers are important pieces of equipment when it comes to maintaining a radiant smile, so taking care of them is important.

Be sure to:

  • Remove your retainer when eating
  • Keep it in a case when you’re not wearing it
  • Thoroughly clean your retainer regularly
  • Protect it from the elements (such as hot cars)

Retainers help you maintain your smile following orthodontic work. If you think a retainer may benefit you, or you have one and have a question about it, be sure to call or schedule an appointment with Dr. Griggs online.