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Adult Orthodontics Specialist

Reginald A. Griggs, DDS -  - Orthodontist

Griggs Orthodontics

Reginald A. Griggs, DDS

Orthodontist located in Castro Valley, CA

It’s not too late to get the orthodontic treatment you weren’t able to get as a child or teenager. Dr. Griggs and his team at Griggs Orthodontics provide men and women in California’s Castro Valley with comprehensive orthodontic care to solve issues related to tooth alignment and health. Call or book an appointment online to find out if adult orthodontics is right for you.

Adult Orthodontics Q & A

What is adult orthodontics?

It’s a common misconception that adults can’t get orthodontic care. In fact, over 25% of orthodontic patients are adults. Griggs Orthodontics helps adults find solutions to all their orthodontic issues.

There’s no age limit for braces and other orthodontic treatments, though your teeth should be healthy enough to withstand treatment. Thankfully, age has nothing to do with your oral health.

How long do adult orthodontic treatments last?

Your specific needs determine the length of your orthodontic treatments. This means that the length of the treatment varies from person to person and according to how complex their orthodontic needs are.

Simple orthodontic treatments can take a few months to complete, while more complex ones can take close to two years. On average, comprehensive orthodontic treatments can take anywhere from 12-18 months.

Adult patients typically seek orthodontic services to make cosmetic changes to their teeth, which typically take less time.

Dr. Griggs and his team work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your goals with as few inconveniences as possible.

What issues can adult orthodontics address?

Adult orthodontics addresses issues that are not yet present in child patients. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Age-related matters: insufficient bone matter between roots, aging gum tissue, and mild infections.
  • Bite correction issues: adult patients are much more likely to have worn down teeth, making overbites harder to treat without braces.
  • Tooth extraction issues: areas of the mouth where procedures have taken place might not be suitable for additional orthodontic work. Dr. Griggs and his team help adult patients restore each affected site for more significant results.

Do adult braces hurt?

Adult braces don’t hurt any more than child braces. In fact, you probably have a higher pain tolerance.

Generally speaking, adult patients are more willing to cooperate with orthodontic instruction, as they willingly seek out orthodontic care. As a result, adult patients organize their thoughts around the treatment much differently than a child would.

There’s no age limit for receiving proper orthodontic care, and it’s never too late to seek it.  Don’t hesitate to call Griggs Orthodontics or go online to learn more about the different available treatment options.