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Meet the Team


Julie - Registered Dental Assistant/Insurance Coordinator

Duties: Insurance, supplies, reception, fill in assistant
In the field of orthodontics since: 1976
With Dr. Griggs since: 1985
Favorite thing about Dr. Griggs: I love his genuine and caring personality.
Favorite thing about orthodontics: I love the fact that we don't give “shots,” making this a place people like to come to.
Favorite thing about my job: It is multi-faceted. This keeps it interesting.
Native of: San Leandro (most of my life)
Family: Husband and three grown children
Leisure activities: Camping, cooking with my husband, playing with my granddaughters, redecorating my home.




Michelle - Treatment Coordinator/Registered Dental Assistant

Duties: Welcoming new patients to our office, taking diagnostic digital photographs, and explaining the benefits of orthodontics, discussing financial options, correspondence letters to dentists and patients. Implementing my R.D.A. skills and taking digital x-rays as needed in the treatment area.
In the field of orthodontics since: 1977
With Dr. Griggs since: 1985
Favorite thing about Dr. Griggs: Dr. Griggs has a passion for his work and compassion for his patients. He supports his staff by providing opportunities for continuing education and makes that a priority. He challenges us to be our best at everything we do. I admire his dedication and wonderful service to our community.
Favorite thing about orthodontics: I have always had a passion and love for orthodontics and enjoy many aspects of this profession, but my favorite thing about it is to be a part of a team that makes a difference in improving patients' self-esteem.
Favorite thing about my job: I love helping the new patients and I find it very rewarding to educate and assist our patients and their families with orthodontic treatment.
Native of: California (I have lived in San Lorenzo, CA most of my life)
Family members: Husband Gary, sons Brandon and Brad
Leisure activities: Spending time with my family and friends.


Robin - Practice Coordinator

Duties: Scheduling, account audits and questions, ensuring the smooth flow of each day, coordination of staff and patient celebration 
In the field of orthodontics since: 1989 
With Dr. Griggs since: 1989 
Favorite thing about Dr. Griggs: After all the years of working with Dr. Griggs it is hard to single out what I like most... But without hesitation, I can easily identify his endless attention to excellence and his ongoing drive to provide the best orthodontic practice possible. One of the things I like most about Dr. Griggs is his ability to pull the best out of every situation. 
Favorite thing about orthodontics: Orthodontics is not just your everyday cleaning of teeth; it is truly the beginning of a wonderful day. I take pride in our work, knowing that everyday we play a crucial role in the lasting impression of a million dollar smile! 
Favorite thing about my job: As Practice Coordinator I find myself without doubt in one of the most rewarding positions inside our practice. While I grow each and everyday with our patients, I also stand proud as I support and ensure the success of our Day to Day Ortho Team. Few positions allow the opportunity to experience both patient and operations in such a rewarding way. 
Native of: Born in Oakland, currently lives in the Bay Area 
Family members: 2 daughters: Shannon and Anna, Son in Law Chris and Fur baby Maximus 
Leisure activities: Cooking, walking, and spending time with family and friends


Anna - Registered Dental Assistant/Back Office Coordinator

Duties: Coordinate with the team to ensure execution of all back office and assist in all orthodontic procedures. 

In the field of orthodontics since: 2002
With Dr. Griggs since: 2002
Favorite thing about Dr. Griggs: His ongoing and endless commitment to excellence. His desire to be the best he can be is easily noticed by his staff and patients alike.
Favorite thing about orthodontics: Everyday I experience the joy and satisfaction from a beautiful smile. Few careers give the opportunity to see your efforts appreciated. The patients smile when treatment is completed is my favorite thing about ortho.
Favorite thing about my job: The environment we work in, we work as a team. Not one person is inferior. We are constantly growing and learning new skills. Working in ortho also gives me the opportunity to make a difference in my patients' life and interact with patients as well as parents.
Native of: Born in the Bay Area, Living in Discovery Bay since 2003
Family: Husband Chris
Leisure activities: Camping and spending time with my family, especially my niece.


Karen - Registered Dental Assistant

Assisting in all orthodontic procedures

In the field of dentistry since: 1986
With Dr. Griggs since: 2010
Favorite thing about Dr. Griggs: He is a great orthodontist and I'm proud to be a part of his team.
Favorite thing about my job: I love the excitement of orthodontics and experiencing the transformation into great smiles.
Native of: San Lorenzo, have lived in San Lorenzo since Birth.
Family: Husband Robert, Son Anthony, Daughter Stephanie.
Leisure activities: Spending time with my family, visiting Disneyland.



Serrena - Registered Dental Assistant

Duties: Assisting in all orthodontic procedure
In the field of orthodontics since: 2009
With Dr. Griggs since: 2013
Favorite thing about Dr. Griggs: His devotion and passion for his work. He truly is a great orthodontist.
Favorite thing about orthodontics: Creating individual smiles. Seeing the transformation in our patients.
Favorite thing about my job: I enjoy seeing the excitement from our patients of all ages.
Native of: Oakley, Currently living in Hayward
Family members: Husband to be Jeff (in 2017) and 2 fur babies
Leisure activities: Crafting and spending quality time with my family.


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