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Clear Braces Specialist

Reginald A. Griggs, DDS -  - Orthodontist

Griggs Orthodontics

Reginald A. Griggs, DDS

Orthodontist located in Castro Valley, CA

Getting braces doesn’t always have to mean a mouth full of metal. Dr. Griggs and his team at Griggs Orthodontics in Castro Valley, California, offers both metal and clear braces. This allows his patients to rid themselves of aesthetics concerns and focus instead on proper care. Contact Griggs Orthodontics today to find out which orthodontic treatment is right for you.

Clear Braces Q & A

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are not that different from metal braces. They’re a cosmetic alternative that more seamlessly blend in with your other teeth. In other words, they’re not as noticeable, making them a popular choice for adult patients.

What are clear braces made of?

Clear braces are made from many different materials, varying according to the manufacturer. Most clear braces are made of ceramic or porcelain — the same material found in crowns, for example — though some are made from a material close to plastic.

Dr. Griggs and the team at Griggs Orthodontics uses high-quality clear braces that are resistant to staining and breakage.

Which teeth are clear braces placed on?

Clear braces are typically placed on the upper teeth rather than the lower, though this should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Since the ceramic material used to make clear braces is rougher and more abrasive than the one used for metal braces, you run the risk of chipping off your upper teeth if the clear braces are placed on your lower teeth.

This is especially true for patients suffering from an extreme — or even slightly pronounced — overbite. Speak to Dr. Griggs to find out whether this is the case for you.

Do clear braces stain or turn yellow over time?

Clear braces can stain or turn yellow over time if they’re made from low-quality materials. Griggs Orthodontics offers high-quality clear braces, meaning that they’re highly stain-resistant. They may not even stain at all.

Keep in mind that rubber bands placed around the braces to hold the wire into them. If there’s staining or discoloration, it’s usually only visible on the rubber bands.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about this, except wait until your next visit with Dr. Griggs. At which point, he’ll replace the rubber bands with new ones.

Consider staying away from curries and other yellow spices.

Are clear braces more expensive?

Clear braces are typically more expensive because they cost more to make. You can find out more about pricing options by contacting the team at Griggs Orthodontics.

Don’t wait any longer to fix your smile. Consider calling the team at Grigg Orthodontics or visit their website if you’d like more information about the different kinds of braces available to you.