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Complimentary Consultation Specialist

Reginald A. Griggs, DDS -  - Orthodontist

Griggs Orthodontics

Reginald A. Griggs, DDS

Orthodontist located in Castro Valley, CA

It’s normal to want to try something out before committing to it. That’s why Dr. Griggs at Griggs Orthodontics in Castro Valley, California, offers a complimentary consultation for prospective child and adult patients. Book an appointment online or by phone today to decide whether to establish care with Griggs Orthodontics.

Complimentary Consultation Q & A

Who is eligible for a complimentary consultation?

An eligible patient for a complimentary consultation is anyone who’s hoping to establish care with Griggs Orthodontics. More specifically, a complimentary consultation is offered to children and adults in need of orthodontic care, including braces, surgical intervention, and emergency care.

When should you book a consultation?

You might want to book a consultation with Griggs Orthodontics if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Unpleasant gaps between teeth
  • Your teeth are visibly worn
  • Crooked teeth
  • Jaw pain
  • Difficulty chewing
  • You or your child have sustained finger sucking habits

These are some of the issues an initial consultation can address, and Dr. Griggs and the team work with you to discuss and identify what bothers you before proposing treatment of any kind.

What happens during the consultation?

Griggs Orthodontics is committed to providing you with the best possible individualized care. That’s why it’s essential for the team to evaluate you thoroughly and decide with you what kind of treatment is best suited to meet your goals. During the free consultation, you can expect:

  • A detailed discussion of your goals
  • A list of proposed treatments
  • A breakdown of anticipated costs

Because orthodontic care requires commitment and financial investment, Griggs Orthodontics makes sure that all prospective patients have a grounded understanding of what their treatment options are and what they might cost.

How are treatment costs determined?

The cost of treatment varies depending on the complexity of what you require.

During the complimentary consultation, Dr. Griggs and his team determine exactly the kind of care you need. From there, they’re able to give you specific financial information as to what you’re expected to pay.

Naturally, the team at Griggs Orthodontics tell you what you’re expected to pay before you start treatment. The team works hard to make sure treatments are affordable and they work with patients to find realistic financial solutions if necessary.

If you’re unsure of whether orthodontics is the right kind of care for you or your child, you might want to consider booking a complimentary consultation.

Visit the Griggs Orthodontics website or call to schedule your appointment; it's the first step to healthy teeth and a corrected future of oral health.